Ableton Live One on One online lessons

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Learning Ableton Live can be sometimes quite hard if you doing it all on your own, watching tutorials, reading manuals and spending lots of time trying to find the right answers to your goal.

My online lessons are designed to get the most out of the time, I am spending online together with my students. Having the posibillity to get some instant feedback an all aspects of working with, your approach to and how to improve your creative flow with Ableton Live – will make you have even more fun.

If it comes to beginners I have a set starting system, which will help you to produce your first tune in just about 3-4 session, (if you do your homework).

If it goes to more intermediate and experienced users, I will work out and prepare the sessions for the subjects your are interested in.

If you are interested please just write me an email to get more information, let me know a little bit about yourself and your interest in Ableton and what you would like to get teached.


1 Session a 1h – 60 Euro

1 Session a 2h – 100 Euro

2 Sessions a 2h – 180 Euro

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